Our Story

Objects Within was created to help anyone, from the most experienced designer to the first time decorator, create spaces that don’t just look great, but feel great. Founded in 2018 by Interior Designer Lindsey Goddard, its mission is to promote better physical, emotional, and psychological wellness through design and decor.

Designing the perfect space isn’t just about how a space should look, but how it makes you feel. Your home should take care of the whole you, mind, body, and soul. Everyone, from the most experienced designer to a first time renter, should feel empowered to create the space that’s right for them.  That is what we're all about.

Our products are made not just with the utmost craftsmanship and quality, but with a focus on promoting better wellness and emotional well-being through the power of design.

- Lindsey Teicher Goddard, Owner & Interior Designer