Who’s it For: Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is one of the most familiar scents in the essential oil world. Whether it’s Christmas candy canes or the soothing sensation of menthol, most everyone can conjure up the memory of its sharp, invigorating aroma just by thinking about it. Still, even though it’s familiar, tapping in to the oil’s benefits when it comes to wellness can still be complex. Let’s break it down.


Got some work to do, but having trouble concentrating? Peppermint Oil is ideal for an easily distracted mind. The intense, fresh green scent of the oil perks you up, raises your energy levels, and ultimately also helps to achieve and maintain focus. This is a powerful oil, so be sure not to overdo it, but in the right amount it can help to clear out the cobwebs without flooding your mind. Additionally, once you’re up and at’em being a productive little worker bee, this oil can also help to enhance your mental stamina. Sometimes, there’s nothing better to get you over that 3pm wall than a spritz of mint; it can help you get back into the right mode and follow through to the end of the day. Different rooms are best enhanced via varying scents, so think about placing diffusers in multiple locations for the ultimate in customization.



Peppermint Oil’s primary active component is menthol, the same natural chemical responsible for the cooling sensation induced by muscle creams, vapor rubs, and other remedies for physical ailments. Some apply peppermint oil directly to the skin to treat muscle aches, though this should be done with care as the intensity of the concentration can make the “cooling” sensation too intense for many. You can also add a few drops to a running bath for total muscular relief. As an aromatic, meanwhile, the oil can still provide relief from aches and pains, most significantly tension headaches. A few drops in a diffuser can help to dull the pain away.

Note: Always check the instructions on the bottle of your essential oil for clear directions on proper & safe usage.


Some oils are subtle in their effects, particularly when it comes to how they impact your mood or sense of being. Many will simply give you a gentle tug, a nudge towards a more peaceful, or more confident, or more empathetic place. This is not one such oil. Peppermint grabs you by the collar and hurls you towards energy, towards invigoration and enthusiasm. That’s why I recommend peppermint and other mint oils for those suffering from feelings of depression, stagnation, or a lack of motivation. In many ways, it’s both a kick in the butt to get you going, and a constant lift to keep your spirits just a little higher, to give you just that extra bit of mental and emotional energy. When you’re in a dark place, it’s important to make sure that your home, your environment, is set up to take care of you, to support you. Adding the punch of peppermint is just one way your home can be a greater part of your healing process.

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Live Well and Be Well.


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