The Right Chemistry

Selecting the right variety of paint is an important decision. That’s right; not the right color, or the right brand, or the right finish, but the right ingredients. Believe me, I know you don’t want to spend untold hours researching the pros and cons of different chemicals and formulations. It’s enough of a headache figuring out how to pick a color; nobody wants to throw rigorous scientific research on top of that. So, most just don’t think about it. Paint is paint, right?


I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it: your home is supposed to take care of you. Part of that is making sure you’re properly supported throughout your daily routine, sure, but an equally important element is making sure your home does its part in keeping you healthy. The paint on your walls is going to be a permanent part of your environment for years to come, and not all paints are made equal.

For years, commonly used paints have contained something called VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and many still do. Like anything, the dosage makes the poison, and I’m far from a scientist. VOCs are naturally occurring in nature, and health organizations have deemed levels below a certain threshold as safe for an indoor environment. Still, the effects of excess VOCs in the air can be detrimental to both your short and long term health, and minimizing their presence through your paint selection is a simple step you can take to make sure your home keeps you safe and healthy. Now that there’s a good selection of brands offering VOC-free paint products, it’s easier than ever to take this smart, precautionary step.

So when the time comes for a fresh coat of paint in the family room or you are preparing a nursery for a new little one, be sure to keep VOC-free paint lines in mind.

A Few Interior Paints Lines with Zero VOC:

Again, if now isn’t the best time to repaint your home, check out other easy ways to Breathe Easy here!

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Live Well, and Be Well.

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